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INDEVELOPMENT assists its clients in the following areas:

  1. Institutional Development in Public Service Delivery
  2. Infrastructure Development, Management & Financing
  3. Industry Development & Local Economic Development


Indevelopment provides consultancy services and publications about development planning, infrastructure development, industry development and institutional development. The (free) publications describe common best practices and their application in developing countries. Through its consultancy services, INDEVELOPMENT assists governments, donor organisations and other clients with adapting these international best practices to local demands and capacities. It engineers solutions for problems for which ready-made answers are not available.

Besides the use of professional codes and quality standards linked to correct civil engineering and business management practices, INDEVELOPMENT justifies its advices and other outputs on basis of criteria, which are relevant and useful to the client. INDEVELOPMENT assists clients with the formulation of the specifications of assignments and explains their implications. John van Rijn founded Indevelopment in May, 2004.

INDEVELOPMENT operates in Anglophone Africa, Eastern Europe, Asia and the Pacific.

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